Corporación Mediterráneo. We are a company specialized in real estate and property services.

Our fundamental characteristic is based on a close personal relationship with our clients, in the desire to jointly find the solution to the problems involved in the management of our clients' assets.

In order to achieve maximum satisfaction for our clients, we seek to defend their interests, making their concerns our own, and try to achieve maximum profitability.

The primary mission of our company is to protect our clients' assets. To guarantee this, we provide technical and legal advice to ensure the optimal management of your assets.

The following services were specifically designed to respond to the needs of each of our clients, always seeking to provide security and quality in each of the operations we carry out in order to optimise the management of what is most important to you and us: your Assets and your Maximum Profitability


Marco Nadal
Leading the team and with a track record in the real estate world that ensures an optimal service thanks to the years of experience that guarantee him in the sector. Professionalism is the adjective that best defines the entrepreneur of this project and the heart that has given life to Corporacion Mediterráneo.
Real Estate Management:
  • Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Properties in profitability
Alfredo Navarro
With 20 years' experience in the real estate sector, and experience in both property development and banking real estate entities, he has carried out sales management from customer service to market research and marketing of all types of promotions and properties.
Property management:
  • Flats
  • Premises
  • Industry
  • Floors
Javier Martínez-Rubio
Javier Martínez-Rubiojavierrubio@corporacionvlc.com
Great connoisseur of the international real estate sector, offering an impeccable service to clients coming from other countries where a completely clean, clear and transparent management is needed. Many foreign clients bet on investment in our country, so it is necessary the best attention to cover all the needs and find the objective of their search.
"For international negotiations with english language, contact this profesional".
Gestión de inmuebles:  / Management:
  • Pisos  / Houses
  • Locales / Commercial Premises
  • Oficinas/ Offices
  • Apartamentos/ Apartments
  • Edificios/ Buildings
Martín Valle</br>

Architect with extensive knowledge of the building sector, both in the construction-rehabilitation of buildings and in their urban management. Carrying out projects adapted to the client's needs. Control of all the phases through which the "architectural product" passes, until its final formalisation. Regulatory compliance

  • Use of modern materials and solutions.
  • Urban management.
  • Management with public administrations.
  • New plant buildings.
  • Rehabilitation of buildings.
  • Activity licences.
  • Building inspections.
  • Structural calculations.
  • Infographics - Virtual reality.


  • Sell your property safely and profitably.nder su propiedad de forma segura y rentable.
  • Finding the property that meets all your requirements.
  • Negotiate all aspects of the buying and selling process.
  • Assist you in securing financial assistance.
  • Conduct inspections and evaluate your property.  

To achieve the above, we have::


Selling properties in today's competitive market requires effective marketing strategies and the resources to implement them:
  • Preparing your property for sale
  • High Impact Marketing
  • Mass Advertising and Technology
  • High quality photos of the property
  • Placing your property on the Internet
  • Scheduling and scheduling appointments for prospective clients
  • Specialised advice to help you establish the price of your property
  • Legal advice in the preparation of the deed and promise of sale and purchase
  • Strategic hours and days at your property so that the sale is made quickly
  • Management and advice on procedures before notaries and registry offices.

Corporación Mediterráneo 


At Corporación Mediterráneo we specialise in:

- Sale of buildings.
- Sale of plots, urban, tertiary, industrial, rustic.
- Management of properties such as homes, premises, transfers.

Our main mission is to help our clients make the most appropriate and profitable decisions for their real estate operations. Facilitating the purchase, sale or rental of real estate in the shortest possible time, at the best market price. Legally protecting the assets of all parties, with transparency and reliability, as well as promoting the development of new real estate projects.


 Transparency - Truthfulness of our information and making all available information available to our clients.   

Integrity and Honesty - Acting in accordance with our principles, with the common good prevailing among all parties.

Professionalism and Responsibility - To satisfy the needs of our clients by offering quality and responsible work.

We look for Solutions - Evaluating all possible alternatives to offer the most suitable one to our clients, as well as helping in the search for financing when the operation requires it.


We arrange appointments in a comfortable way and adapted to the schedule of our customers, and our email response service will be as fast as possible to get in touch with you because the most important thing is the speed of management and a dedicated treatment.

     Monday to Friday: 10:00-14:00 / 17:00-20:00
     Saturday: 10:00- 14:00
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